What's Impregnation?

Impregnation - Protection Process

The wooden material which is to be subjected to impregnation process or pre-protection process should be rendered to its last use measures as much as possible. This is because of the high prices of the impregnation chemicals which are used for the impregnation process. In other words, each liter of impregnation substance which is to be permeated to the wood means extra costs. Therefore, wooden material should be rendered shaped to its last use measures.

After the impregnated wood is placed unto the wood loading car, it is fixed to stand still during the impregnation process. It should be ensured that the surface contact is enhanced with sticks being placed between the wooden materials during their placement. Wooden material which is completed for placement is automatically taken into the impregnation process tank. Loading car automatically operating inwards and outwards makes sure that the process is completed without a requirement for manpower.

After the wooden material which is to be impregnated is taken into the impregnation process tank, lid of the process tank is closed. After this stage, the wooden material is ready for the impregnation process.

First stage is pre-vacuum process. Aim of pre-vacuum process is to make sure that the cellular voids of the wood are opened and the impregnation substance is permeated to the core of the wood. Vacuum is applied for different periods which change according to the type and dryness of the wood. Lower limit is 600 mmHg for the vacuuming stage. When the system is under vacuum, impregnation substance is transferred to the impregnation process tank. During this transfer vacuum decreases gradually and finishes. When the vacuum is zeroed, process tank is filled up with the impregnation substance.

After the impregnation process tank is filled up with the impregnation substance, pressurizing stage is to be used next. By means of the 12.0 bar pressure which is applied during the pressurizing stage, it is ensured that the impregnation substance is penetrated to the entire part of the live wood. Pressure is also applied for different periods of time depending on the environment where the wood is to be used and the type of the wood. After the pressure stage is completed, impregnation process tank is emptied. Emptied impregnation substance is pumped to the storage tanks.

Vacuuming which is the last stage of the impregnation process is applied for appropriate periods of time owing to the aforementioned reasons. Excess impregnation substance is taken back and it is ensured that the wood comes out drier comparatively. However the wooden material which is impregnated never comes out dry. The wooden material which is impregnated needs to be left to dry for minimum 3-4 days in a place which is not light and sunny.

Now the impregnated wood is ready. Lid of the process tank is opened and the ready wood material is automatically taken out.