Steam Boiler



: Three Full Staged Steel Tank


: S.B.K series , Scotch Type-Y.S.B.K. series, Semi Cylindrical

Capacity Interval

75.000 - 5.000.000 Kcal/h

Steam Capacity

: 150 - 15.000 kg/h Steam

Operation Pressure

: 0.5 - 15.0 BAR

Boiler sheet

: P 355 GH - Certified *

Boiler Piping

Extruded Steel Pipes-Certified*

Operation Life

Minimum 8 Years** - Maximum 15 Years**


: Our products have two years guarantee against production failures

Fuel (YSBK)

Solid Fuel-Waste Fuel -Manuel Loaded /With Stocker (Automatic Loader)- With Front Fireplace System, SKOC Type Steam Boiler

Fuel (SBK)

Fuel, Gas And Natural Gas Combustible

* Used steel material is ERDEMIR brand and have certificate
** It is the operation life value when appropriate operation conditions are provided

steam boilerThe TEMASAN brand boilers (steam boilers) are the boilers having high efficiency and the ones that have been produced with high technology and every steam boiler is presented to service after subjecting to tests which have been specified by standards in our factory.

The experienced TEMASAN personal who work in the design, production and after sales services of the steam boiler,            is working for giving services for you, our valuable customers.

TEMESAN brand steam boiler is a boiler having 3 full passing stages, having a fire and smoke pipe and high efficiency. The smoke and fire pipes of the steam boilers are welded to the plates. So that repair and maintenance works can be made easily.  The steam boiler that is semi cylindrical and operated with solid fuel in YKBK series can be made to operate with natural gas when necessary.  The TEMASAN steam boilers that have related certificates which have been given by Turkish Standards Institute whose productions have been made according to pressurized vessels and EN standards are products that our customers often prefer for their long operation lives, low fuel consumptions and high efficiency values.


The guarantee period starts after the delivery date of the steam boiler and it is for 2 years.

The steam boiler is under TEMASAN guarantee in this period against production faults.

In any failure of the steam boiler in this guarantee period the period that passes for the repair is added to the guarantee period. The repairing period of the good is maximum 30 days.  This period starts from the date when the good is notified to our factory.

In the failure of the steam boiler in the guarantee period, any charge for any part that has to be changed and for workmanship shall not be asked.

The failures that originate from the usage of the steam boiler that is in contrary to the matters that takes place in its manual are out of guarantee.


The failures and damages that occurs during the transport of the steam boiler

Wrong place chose for the steam boiler, wrong placement, and wrong capacity chose, wrong installation and pipe connections, and other damages and failures that originate from the usage of the steam boiler out of its aim.

The failures and damages that originate from the foreign materials that enters into the steam boiler during the assembly and operation of the steam boiler

If the flue that is required for the steam boiler is insufficient.

The failures and the damages that have originated from the materials, safety armatures, accessories and spare parts that have been bought from suppliers for the steam boiler.

Excess installation pressure and other failures and damages bounded with this.

The failures and damages that occurs because of external physical impacts, scratches and breaks etc... and other failures that originates from chemical effects.

Failures and damages originated from usage of fuel that is not compatible with the steam boiler.

The failures and damages that originates because of user's negligence of not making the maintenances and controls that he has to make periodically.

To load excess fuel on the grids of the steam boiler (YSBK Type) and the scratches and breaks that occurs because of cooling of the ash inside the water and boiler are out of the guarantee.

The failures and damages that can occur because of the repairs and changes that have been made without notifying our firm or tampering the device in any way or trying to make adjustment.

The failures and damages that can occur because of  wrong gas installation connections,  and other failures in the installation of the system except the device, in the situation of turning the steam boiler ( YSBK Type) working with natural gas.   

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